grace or giselle
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minor, southeast asian, lesbian, & unlabeled gender

mari fefi karina cherie kel nix ychris

before u interact
i dont answer if i dont know what to say sry...., i don't have good conversational skills, i'm terrible with both my own and others' tone, i won't use tone tags unless you specifically ask for them, i use kms/kys jokes (with friends), i block whoever i want

don't interact
basic dni (racist, homophobic, etc), non ot8 skz (die), support or defend kwj in any way idgaf, anti my faves, part of ed/shtwt, support the dsmp and/or dream in general, support omocats actions, you're a freak

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neon genesis evangelion, chainsaw man, jujutsu kaisen, horimiya, tbhk

misc media
video essays, lost media, project sekai, percy jackson, vocaloid, bee and puppycat

content creators
deb smikle, not even emily, courtreezy, danny gonzalez + others
i ult skz, semi ult aespa, & casually stan nwjns + txt

i casually keep up with red velvet, all units of nct, nmixx, twice, le sserafim, & a lot more

my ult bias is felix as in felix > everyone else. i semi ult bias seungmin, giselle, and winter.

non kpop
tyler, the creator, beabadoobee, 21 savage, pinkpantheress
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